I’m noticing that consciously thinking about making “better” decisions is slowly turning into something I do subconsciously. This is definitely beneficial because I feel more in control of my anxiety, which tends to be all over the place.

Today is Wednesday, this is usually the easiest day in my week. I use it to catch up on any lectures, clean my room, do laundry, and hang out with friend. My friend and I are trying to get more into meditation. She is a freshman at San Diego State University and somehow manages to work close to full time at an accounting firm. Needless to say, she definitely checks all the marks of being a stressed out college student.

We went to Sunset Cliffs, our favorite place in San Diego, to meditate! This is a huge form of mindfulness, they are actually often mistaken for being the same thing. Meditation is something I’ve been trying to incorporate more in my life but it is definitely one of the lengthier ways of practicing mindfulness. Regardless, I love it and definitely recommend trying it out!

Here are the ones my friend and I followed 🙂

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