Yesterday I had a bad mental health day but with the breathing technique, it got a little better! Today I have to apply to jobs, some on-campus and some off-campus, and I am pretty excited. I love looking into jobs and seeing what opportunities are out there. But it is stressful to think about how this would look in my schedule.

As a college student, my weekly schedule is pretty packed, especially now that everything is remote. Being stuck at home ended up being the more stressful option. I have to keep up with school, take care of my siblings, keep up with my siblings’ schoolwork, cook, clean, and try to find time for myself.

When I catch myself only thinking about the negative aspects of situations, I use mindfulness. In this case, I used the “five senses” technique. I personally love this technique because when I finish, I am a lot more aware of the “now.” I realize how unimportant all the “what ifs” were. Using grounding techniques bring you back to the present and help people stop worrying about the past/future or things out of your control.

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